Product layering for the win

Are you ready to unlock the secret to perfectly defined, frizz-free curls? It’s all in the layering! Let’s break down the simple steps to layer your products like a pro and keep your curls looking fabulous all day long.

Step 1: Water is Your Best Friend
Start with wet hair. Water not only reactivates the products already in your hair but also helps new products distribute more evenly. That's why its crucial to apply your products on wet hair. Do it when you're fresh from the shower for best results.

Step 2: Leave-In Conditioner
Apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your curls hydrated and protected. This is your foundation, ensuring your curls stay moisturised and pliable.

Finish with a gel to set your curls and keep frizz at bay. Scrunch the gel into the ends upwards towards the scalp to boost curl definition and hold.

🌈 Layering Tips:

    • Less is More: Start with small amounts of each product to avoid buildup. You can always add more if needed. I usually find curl cream goes a long way but I can never get enough gel. See what works best for your hair.
    • Wait a Minute: Allow each product a moment to absorb. This prevents products from mixing improperly and ensures each layer does its job.
    • Adjust to Your Needs: Tailor your product choices and amounts based on the weather, your hair’s condition, and personal preferences.

Happy layering, Curlytops!


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