Have you got naturally frizzy hair?

I used to say I had naturally frizzy hair. I'd wash it and this would happen. Look familiar?
before & after curls
This is me last weekend. I washed my hair and just left it to dry. No curl cream, no gel. No nothing.
It was a massive reminder of the days of old. Before I figured out how to look after my curls.
After this photo was taken, I wet my hair, added curl cream and brush styled it with gel. A bit of love with the diffuser and voila! I had curls again.
Check out this video to see what I did.
It's amazing what a difference a routine can make. In the before photo, it's frizz galore. You can see my aging white hair!. In the photo on the right, the curls shave a good couple of years off my life. No wonder the man at the bottle shop asked me for ID.
It's also no wonder I used to straighten my hair every day. But it's been three years now without touching the straightening iron.
If you're thinking about taking the leap and embracing your natural curls or just getting started on your curl journey, stick with it. This is what you have to look forward to!


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