• Curlytops Curl Starter Kit for managing naturally curly hair
  • Curlytops Curl Spray Bottle for curl styling and refreshing
  • Curlytops Blue Satin Curl Protection Sleeping Bonnet
  • Curlytops Satin Hair Scrunchie for curly hair comes in 7 different colours
  • Curlytops Biodegradable Wheat Straw Comb
  • Curlytops stocks a range of Clever Curl products for curly hair styling
  • Curlytops stocks a range of Clever Curl products for curly hair styling
  • The Curlytops Curls Just Wanna Have Fun sticker
  • The Curlytops I HEART Curls tote is made from organic cotton.

Curlytops Curl Starter Kit

Don't know how to get started on your curly hair journey? 

"I am very early in my curly journey and have found trying to make sense of all the curly content out there overwhelming. But Curlytops makes it easy." - Stacey, wavy-curly girl

Whether you're the straight-haired mum of a curly-haired kid or the soon-to-be proud owner of gorgeous curls, we got you!

The Curlytops Starter Kit has everything you need.

The kit includes: 

Curlytops Custom Curl Cards

💙 Card One: curl dos and don'ts. 
💙 Card Two: wash day steps for the first timer.
💙 Card Three: step things up a notch with extra steps.
💙 Card Four: the all-important curl refresh.  

Curlytops Curl Cards

Plus, all the tools you need:

💛 Spray bottle
💛 Clever Curl Cleanser and Curl Cream samples 
💛 Biodegradable wide-tooth comb
💛 Satin sleeping bonnet
💛 Scrunchie 
💛 Curl-positive sticker
💛 A Curly Wurly because treat yo self
💛 'I Heart Curls' tote!

All this for just $49. Not $60!

Order now and turn that frizz into curls so good, people will stop you on the street!

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